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At 04:53 AM 25/11/2010, Ben McGinnes wrote:

> > Also note, that it's most likely that routing to only one of the
> > client or server was affected (if at all) and hence only one side of
> > the communication would be sent the wrong way.
>That is probable for a lot of the traffic, but certainly no guarantee
>of all of it.  We'd need to have a look at which routes were diverted
>and which networks accepted the new routing information.

I have a basic question, after following this thread without the 
background reading:

Did the USDoD REALLY send strategic or sensitive national security 
information over an open network? To me, that is the stupid start of 
the problem if that is what happened. Doesn't DOD have its own Milnet still?

Frankly, I don't care much if China is in the loop on general stuff. 
I don't trust them any less for open general traffic than any other 
country on the network. Heck, the intelligence gathering by most 
western countries and corporate interests are more repugnant.

But a defence agency using open networks is about as daft as running 
SCADA controllers on the internet. It's just dumb.


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