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Fri Nov 26 10:46:08 AEDT 2010

On 26/11/10 10:34 AM, Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
> Martin Barry wrote:
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>   >  Having read all the submissions to the ACCC discussion it
> seems a common and
>   >  sensible opinion that the POIs should be located where
> competitive backhaul
>   >  exists and therefore the NBN should only aggregate
> declared areas back to
>   >  the nearest POI.
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> Are the ACCC powers being changed to rule over Government
> entities?
Well, the ACCC administered competition in telecomms even before Telstra 
was sold.

>    From Summary:
>> NBN Co’s recommended solution to this problem is to establish a small number
>> of PoIs located in capital cities. In our business model there are 14. Since
>> there would be competitive backhaul available between any RSP’s
>> headquarters and all of these 14 PoIs, the cost of backhaul would tend to be
>> both modest and uniform.
>> If the Government elects to mandate a larger number of PoIs than NBN Co
>> plans, it will need to take other steps to achieve low and uniform national
>> wholesale pricing. If that solution does not promote the same intensity of
>> retail competition as the 14-PoI offering, NBN Co projects that its IRR could
>> decline by 50-80 basis points because of slower take-up of broadband and
>> slower introduction of retail services that require higher speeds.
> more commentary:
>> Future Fund chair calls for NBN transparency: report
>> Published 7:51 AM, 26 Nov 2010
>>      Future Fund chairman David Murray is seeking further transparency regarding the government's broadband reforms ahead of a crucial vote on the policy by Telstra shareholders next year, according to a report in The Australian Financial Review.
> <http://www.businessspectator.com.au/bs.nsf/Article/Future-Fund-exec-calls-for-NBN-transparency-report-pd20101126-BJSE2?OpenDocument&src=hp3>
> and AFR Pay to View:
>> Call for transparency on NBN
>> PUBLISHED : 10 hours 25 minutes ago | UPDATED: 5 hours 32 minutes ago PUBLISHED: 26 Nov 2010 12:04:02 PRINT EDITION: 26 Nov 2010
>> Future Fund chairman David Murray wants transparency about Canberra’s broadband reforms ahead of a crucial vote on the policy by Telstra shareholders next year.
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> <http://afr.com/p/national/call_for_transparency_on_nbn_g1PHc2Qjql6JWKuZ8Iu96H>
> Marghanita

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