[LINK] NBN Summary of Business Case was Re: NBN Co to build wireless network from late 2011

Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Fri Nov 26 11:10:09 AEDT 2010

Richard Chirgwin wrote:
> Well, the ACCC administered competition in telecomms even before Telstra 
> was sold.

Seems ACCC will do regulatory stuff - but who will do pricing?

>  ACCC gets additional $24m to manage NBN issues
> By James Riley
> Wednesday, 12 May 2010 15:08 
> The ACCC, which has regulatory oversight of the telecommunications sector, will use the funding to design and implement specific access arrangements for the NBN Company, and to carry out assessments of price and non-price terms and conditions for access to the network.
> The funding also covers the commission's role as a primary source of advice for Government on broader NBN-related regulatory issues.
> Treasury said the full $24 million cost of the initiative would be fully recovered by the Australian Media and Communications Authority (ACMA) through the collection of carrier license charges under the Telecommunications Act.

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