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stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Tue Nov 30 04:10:02 AEDT 2010

Roger writes,

> I've drafted a supplementary submission to the Senate Online Privacy 
> Inquiry, which I'm giving evidence to on Wednesday, on behalf of the 
> APF. http://www.privacy.org.au/Papers/Sen-OLP-Sub2-101129.pdf  Senator 
> Scott Ludlum is on the Committee .. he may be able to focus some energy

Good on you for this work, Roger .. and, here's my three suggestions ...

1. One every page of: http://www.privacy.gov.au  they're announcing ..

"Privacy Commissioner Site Changes. On 1 November 2010 the Office of the 
Privacy Commissioner was integrated into the Office of the Australian 
Information Commissioner (OAIC). An interim site for the OAIC is 
available at www.oaic.gov.au. The www.privacy.gov.au site will be 
maintained until a site incorporating all OAIC material is established."

A backward step .. in an age where privacy is increasingly a problem.

2. Require Mandatory reporting of privacy breaches. For eg, in our
Government's, "Guide to handling personal information security breaches"
the benefits of notification are listed, but, ZERO mandatory requirement.

"In general, if a personal information security breach creates a real 
risk of serious harm to the individual, those affected should be 
notified .. Prompt notification to individuals in these cases can help 
them mitigate the damage by taking steps to protect themselves.."


and, 3: Please give existing and future privacy legislation some teeth ..


"The Office has complaint handling responsibilities under the Privacy Act 
1988. Individuals can complain if they believe their privacy has been 
interfered with by an Australian or ACT government agency, or a private 
sector organisation covered by the Act. The information in this section 
tells you how to make a complaint, and explains the complaints process 
generally. .. (snip) .. • There are no fines set out in the Act. 
Complaints are generally resolved through conciliation."

No fines? No teeth?  So .. who cares?



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