[LINK] The ACMA and Privacy

stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Tue Feb 1 16:05:27 AEDT 2011


In their recently released Consultation Paper, the ACMA appears to be
overlooking consumer *privacy* elements and concerns almost completely.

"Numbering: customer location information & numbering data - Consultation 
paper number two" (ACMA)

A search of this .pdf paper for the term "privacy" finds one paragraph
mid-way through, regarding privacy law, and, then one sub-set question
regarding "privacy" in just one of their public consultation questions.

The entire thrust of the Consultation Paper seems one of "findability"

"Numbering: customer location information and numbering data - 
Consultation paper number two"

Australian Communications & Media Authority 


For example .. the ACMA consultation paper notes ..

* The importance of mobile phones and the corresponding decline in the 
use of landline phones, with the consequence that the location of a 
caller is more often dynamic than fixed 

* The growth of VoIP services, which are not inherently constrained to be 
used at a fixed location, with a potentially similar consequence to that 
of the use of mobile phones 

* The widespread use of alternative communications services that do not 
use numbers at all, including chat and social networking services. 



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