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The numbering plan does not deal with privacy-sensitive information. It 
says "number block X is allocated to Telstra", which number blocks are 
for telephones, which are data numbers (they still exist), which are 
mobile numbers, the format that telephone numbers must take, the length 
of a valid number and so on.

Where privacy becomes sensitive is when the number is associated with a 
person - in, for example, the IPND. Use of that data is 
privacy-sensitive and is treated as such (whether such treatment is 
sufficient, I will leave to others more competent than I to decide).


On 1/02/11 4:05 PM, stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:
> Hmm,
> In their recently released Consultation Paper, the ACMA appears to be
> overlooking consumer *privacy* elements and concerns almost completely.
> "Numbering: customer location information&  numbering data - Consultation
> paper number two" (ACMA)
> A search of this .pdf paper for the term "privacy" finds one paragraph
> mid-way through, regarding privacy law, and, then one sub-set question
> regarding "privacy" in just one of their public consultation questions.
> The entire thrust of the Consultation Paper seems one of "findability"
> --
> "Numbering: customer location information and numbering data -
> Consultation paper number two"
> Australian Communications&  Media Authority
> http://www.acma.gov.au/webwr/_assets/main/lib312038/ifc2-
> 2011_customer_location_info_and_numbering_data-paper_numbering-2.pdf>
> For example .. the ACMA consultation paper notes ..
> * The importance of mobile phones and the corresponding decline in the
> use of landline phones, with the consequence that the location of a
> caller is more often dynamic than fixed
> * The growth of VoIP services, which are not inherently constrained to be
> used at a fixed location, with a potentially similar consequence to that
> of the use of mobile phones
> * The widespread use of alternative communications services that do not
> use numbers at all, including chat and social networking services.
> --
> Cheers.
> Stephen
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