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UK probes ebook pricing
Why so much?
By John Oates
The Register
Posted in Mobile, 2nd February 2011 12:45 GMT

The Office of Fair Trading has confirmed it has opened an investigation 
into ebook pricing following complaints.

The competition regulator said it is investigating "arrangements between 
certain publishers and retailers for the sale of ebooks".

The OFT said it had received a significant number of complaints, but the 
fact that it had opened an investigation did not mean any company had 
broken competition rules.

The probe is being led by Andrew Groves under the Competition Act of 
1998, which looks at conduct which may have a damaging effect on 
competition in the UK.

The OFT statement on its investigation into ebooks is here. 

Some observers expected the launch of Amazon's Kindle in the UK would 
see a fall in prices. But it coincided with a move to "agency pricing" – 
essentially a resurrected Net Book Agreement which allows publishers to 
set retail prices for downloaded books.

Amazon now sells more ebooks than it does book books. 



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