[LINK] World shrugs as IPv4 addresses finally exhausted

Scott Howard scott at doc.net.au
Thu Feb 3 12:22:10 AEDT 2011

> The central pool of IPv4 addresses officially ran dry on Tuesday after
> the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) allocated the last
> remaining blocks of address space.

Strange - the official IANA allocations still show 5 /8's as being

> The organisation tracking the allocation of IPv4 declared 1 February
> X-Day (exhaustion day), conjuring images of Mad Max-style battles over
> the last remaining supplies of gasoline IPv4 addresses.

Which organisation would that be?  IANA certainly hasn't declared anything
yet, and I'm not sure there is a single "The" organisation which tracks
these things.

Of course, it's largely a moot point.  IANA is holding a press conference at
9:30am EST tomorrow, and there's not a lot of doubt about what they are
going to announce - but I would have expected just a little more from The


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