[LINK] NextG Wireless Stays Up As NBN Fibre Broadband Crashes

Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Fri Feb 4 12:44:44 AEDT 2011

At 12:35 PM 4/02/2011, Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
>Jan Whitaker wrote:
>>Some were using NextG for remote broadcast for Skype on an iPhone. 
>>It was CRAP! They oo-ed and ah-ed a lot, but then were only up for 
>>a couple minutes at a time. That was on ch7. I wondered why they 
>>didn't have a commercial QoS service if they were going to rely on 
>>Skype, which they do have. This was amateur hour stuff.
>The point of Skype is that it avoids the costs of premium (QoS) 
>guaranteed video or phone links.

Oh, I agree for general use by consumers, but this was a national 
broadcast! I'm sure they could have afforded it.

>It was interesting that voice links are still being in the 
>quarantined in the wireless NBN configuration being discussed. The 
>aggregation of these channels offers video - the rest is subject to 
>contention - hope the emergency people weren't contending with the 
>media broadcasts.

I was thinking the same thing, M.

>There was discussion about the spectrum available for NBNCo wireless.
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