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Some linkers may remember that Alan Kohler was (is? hi Alan) a 
participant here. He hosts the ABC TV Inside Business program on 
Sundays as well as being the financial presenter on ABC 7pm news. He 
just presented an editorial piece on Inside Business about News 
Corp's deal with Apple to put its stuff on iPad for subscription. To 
break even, they need between 800,000 and 900,000 subscribers. That's 
a hard ask, given the competition with free news services. I loved 
Alan's last comments. He said he can't comment on the way the product 
is presented (someone said it was a tabloid cut up into pages to put 
in the iPad) because he can't get the iPad version yet because it is 
only available in the US. But, he said, I can comment on Rupert Murdoch.

Rupert Murdoch: "an 80 year old media magnate who thinks his wish 
will make it so." But it's a different world now.

Stay dry, linkers.


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