[LINK] Blocking software installed in State Library of Victoria ?

rene rene.ln at libertus.net
Sun Feb 6 14:46:52 AEDT 2011

Does anyone know which blocking product is installed on terminals in the 
State Library of Victoria? 

I strongly suspect it's "Dans Guardian" but not positive. Whatever it is, 
it is evidently blocking access to requested pages on my web site about the 
Fed Gov's mandatory ISP blocking plan - apparently because the brain-dead  
censorware reckons there's too many occurrences of words such as 
"pornography" and "x-rated". I'm pretty sure the censorware at issue is 
using keyword occurrence, because it left a very long string of suspect 
keywords in my web site logs in connection with its "reasons" for 

Also, if anyone happens to know a *relevant* name and/or email address at 
SLV, that I could contact to ask them to fix this problem, would you please 
let me know, off list. 

(I'm unable to find, on the SLV web site, any 'general' contact email 
address, nor anything remotely relevant to the issue at hand. Of course, I 
can phone their general number and see how long it takes to find/get put 
through to someone who has a technology clue about what I'd be talking 
about - but email would be a much easier means to explain).


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