[LINK] Blocking software installed in State Library of Victoria ?

rene rene.ln at libertus.net
Tue Feb 8 16:14:50 AEDT 2011

On Sun, 6 Feb 2011 13:46:52 +1000, rene wrote:
> Does anyone know which blocking product is installed on terminals in
> the State Library of Victoria?
> I strongly suspect it's "Dans Guardian" but not positive. Whatever it
> is, it is evidently blocking access to requested pages on my web site
> about the Fed Gov's mandatory ISP blocking plan - apparently because
> the brain-dead censorware reckons there's too many occurrences of
> words such as "pornography" and "x-rated". 

That matter has now been rectified, and I've been advised that the blocking 
was unintentional by State Library of Victoria (SLV).

A relevant SLV Manager has informed me that it is not SLV's policy to 
filter/block access on library computers used by adults, only on a limited 
number of computers designated for use by children. However, their 
investigations, following my query/complaint, revealed that two computers 
used by adults had *inadvertently* been built with a children's 
filtering/blocking proxy configured. I'm advised that those 2 adult-use 
computers have since been reconfigured and that also my site has been 
whitelisted, by SLV, for all proxies.

I'm very impressed by SLV's speed of response and rectification of the 
problem and much appreciate it.  

Nevetheless, it's yet another example of the "brain-dead" nature of 
blocking software - at the very least, that which operates on key word 
and/or phrase blocking.  

While still don't know what blocking software is used in SLV, my further  
investigation/research since last posting here indicates 99.9% probability 
that it is "Dans Guardian", with keyword/phrase blocking implemented. If 
so, it enables blocking administrators to whitelist sites that are blocked 
by (brain dead) word/phrase rules, and/or change the rules, but that 
requires an administrator to be paying a lot of attention to what is being 
blocked - in their implemention/use - and likely constantly tweaking the 
configuration, else continue to block numerous sites for no good reason.


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