[LINK] Mobile phone use set to be banned in vehicles

Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Mon Feb 7 15:00:36 AEDT 2011

At 01:46 PM 7/02/2011, Pilcher, Fred wrote:
>I hear that in the US they're putting Internet connectivity and apps 
>such as Facebook and Twitter into cars.

oh no!
I've been reading articles about proposals (yes, proposals only) to 
make texting in the car illegal. I just shake my head and weep. Maybe 
it's an intentional Darwin effect? Who knows.

So the next time someone says that Australia lags behind the US, tell 
them to shut up.

I also think GPS systems are a distraction and should be banned from 
the front area of a car. (don't throw things at me)


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