[LINK] Vodafone: the dictator made us do it

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> In any case, who believes an anonymous message from a phone 
> these days, whether it comes from the government or the phone 
> company?  
> It was reported that Bush believed that Cheney's voice on the 
> oval office intercom was the voice of God, but I doubt a text 
> message would have that kind of effect in a country awash 
> with propaganda.

>- Jim

That's a classic.

An ex-Treasury Department official and longtime friend of Cheney was
asked to comment on the vice president's possible subterfuge. "I don't
know. I certainly don't think it's something [Cheney] planned," he said.
"I do know that Mr. Bush was unfamiliar with a phone-based intercom, and
I suppose it is possible that Dick took advantage of that." 

Who elected this man ?
And he had his finger only a few feet from the big red button for eight
I think I just metaphorically, sh*% myself.
I think we have a winner.... Henceforth Luddites shall be referred to as

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