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At 11:45 PM 7/02/2011, stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:

>NBN Co plans to open a round-the-clock network surveillance operations
>centre, in Melbourne at the end of April, that will house three tiers of
>network support including a specialist tactical response unit.

They could have picked a less provocative name: surveillance? How 
about monitoring? NMOC? Probably open to too many puns. Better, just 
call in a NOC and not try to cover everything they do in the name. 
Surveillance is just going to get up people's noses.

One thing NBN Co. can do that will make customer service better than 
current circumstances is to be certain that their front line customer 
service staff can speak and understand spoken English, unlike those 
who are currently dealing with outages on the Telstra phone network. 
I just finished talking with a friend on her mobile whose landline 
stopped working from the Victorian downfall on Friday night. Of 
course that is their internet connection as well as their voice 
system. Whenever they can manage to get through to Telstra, which is 
awful because of the high demand, the person they speak too can't 
understand and can't give them proper advice, so the customer is 
steaming by the time they've slammed down the phone (figuratively, 
because it's a mobile) in frustration. This guy is a currency trader 
and is losing lots of money while off line. And he's not been able to 
get his back-up wifi to work either.

They live on a *hill* and not in a flood plane. My guess is their 
comms pits got wet. They had 7 inches of rain at their place, one of 
the highest amounts during the storms. So the issue of comms outages 
is not just in Qld, folks. And the roads around them are mostly 
closed except for one direction that leads to a one-lane open on the 
one road that lets them out onto the Princes Highway.


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