[LINK] Internet Explorer 9

Ash Nallawalla ash at melbpc.org.au
Sat Feb 12 15:46:04 AEDT 2011

> From: Rachel Polanskis

> What is seriously disappointing is how poor their enterprise products
> are given the propensity for organisations to happily absorb them into
> processes.
> I have been "migrated" to exchange 2010 for my email.   While I eventually
> succumbed
> to being moved from all UNIX mail to an IMAP mailbox in exchange 2003, it
> actually worked OK, if you discounted the onerous tools used to access the
> calendar.
> Now, on 2010, I had to ditch PINE and try ALPINE and still I cannot decode
> 70% of attachments and get encoding and MIME errors in many emails.   So I

The reverse is also true in large companies where people are stuck at IE6
simply because some legacy apps such as SAP will not work with other
browsers and later versions of IE. Never mind that the bulk of the company
doesn't need or use SAP (or other dinosaurs). SOE lockdown policies mean we
cannot install other browsers and if we can, we cannot add the add-ons.
While IE9 is about to be launched, some lucky people at my workplace are
part of a "trial" for IE8.


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