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At 02:24 PM 13/02/2011, David Boxall wrote:
> > If TV goes to all-wired in the future,
> > shut down the open broadcast towers, or radio goes all online instead
> > of open airwaves because those frequencies can be better used for
> > something else, then we are at risk.
>What risk? Will the spectrum cease to exist or will we potentially take
>advantage of whatever it's being "better used for"?
> > Phasing out (exponentially?? ;-) ) is another consideration in the system.
>Sorry Jan; change is fearsome, but beyond a point fear is pathology.

Not me. I'm not afraid at all. I'm just raising issues that could 
avoid rebuilding things in the long run. Technology doesn't have to 
be replacing in all circumstances all the time. TV didn't replace 
movie theatre (yet). But digital broadcasting is replacing analog 
fully very soon. So there are examples of both situations, that's 
all. Which has less risk, which has better use of resources, etc. 
It's a multi-dimensional 'problem'.


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