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This is an article from ZDNet from last November, but it relates to 
something I was thinking about yesterday: could the NBN funds be 
spent to upgrade the fill-in problem of RIMS and pairgain 
installations. The answer is no, if the goal is to increase to even 
reasonable new speed expectations. I'm in one of those areas (we were 
one of the last urbanised areas in the country to even get DSL 
services, one of the growth corridors for many years in SE Melbourne, 
let alone any hope of 2+, even though my ISP has lots of plans 
available to me, just not at my house). So I'm stuck with 1.5mbps.

Here's why it's a daft idea: physics (of bandwidth "power" x 
distance) and geography (of location of exchanges).

Braue's article includes graphics to demonstrate the problem and why 
Turnbull doesn't get it. His electorate is OVER served.


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