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stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Thu Feb 24 01:32:11 AEDT 2011

Rick writes,

> It is a small step .. to one where, by design & edict, central control
> dictates who gets fed what; a takeover of communications infrastructure.

Maybe more possible, an Aussie infrastructure kill-switch .. in China?

Not a nice thought, but for certain the tech-temptation would be there.

Australian telecom giant updates mobile network with Chinese technology  

SYDNEY, Feb. 22 (Xinhua) -- Australian telecom operator Vodafone 
announced Tuesday that it will replace all 2G and 3G equipment at all 
base stations throughout Australia with a Chinese company's solution.

Vodafone said it will replace around 5800 existing 2G and 3G base station 
sites with SingleRAN solutions, provided by Huawei Technologies Ltd, 
China's leading telecommunication equipment manufacturer.

Huawei's solution is capable of delivering 2G, 3G and later, 4G or Long 
Term Evolution (LTE), from a single base station site. 

Vodafone will also install the new Huawei network equipment at more than 
2200 new base station sites it will bring into its network over the next 
18 months. 

Vodafone will also replace its radio network controller (RNC) equipment 
with the latest Huawei technology, which will be located at sites in 
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. 

The RNC equipment serves as a hub that is used to control and optimise 
the performance of the national mobile network.

Peter Rossi, Chief Technology Officer at Huawei Australia, said: "This 
network upgrade will allow Vodafone to offer cutting edge mobile speeds 
and services across its mobile network. Huawei's SingleRAN solution will 
enable Vodafone to upgrade to 4G or LTE at the flick of a switch .."


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