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Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Sat Feb 19 12:30:13 AEDT 2011

At 11:10 AM 19/02/2011, Roger Clarke wrote:

>That still sounds pretty good.  Maybe we should leave well alone.

I agree. I think all we are dealing with at the moment is a 
governance and operations issue. Someone needs to keep an eye on the 
bouncing addresses, for example.

As for content, I believe Link has as good a signal to noise ratio as 
you can get. It's not just about policy, but is about what is 
happening in the world that may affect what we do and experience. 
Even things like ebooks and mobiles have now come into play because 
of the importance of the Internet in their mix. I doubt very much we 
would have had too many thoughts about those interactions when Link 
was established. IMO, we should keep a margin of ambiguity to allow 
for these types of emerging discussions, from content to devices to 
power plays and governance. They all intermingle.

We have fun, which is an important aspect, too. And as we all know, 
there is always the del key and the personal ability to filter for 
those who we as individuals don't cotton to. I've only done that 
twice, but it helped keep my blood pressure down a time or two 
without affecting the rest of the group. So I hope we maintain a bit 
of levity and don't get too heavy-handed in constraining the group as a whole.

I enjoy this community immensely. It's been part of my Aussie life 
since 1995, and I'm grateful to Tony and Eric and the other 
establishers for having the foresight. :-)


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