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Oh well, Tom, when you put it that way, A Y E !!


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It has been...

Err, that is, WE have decided that you all have 21 hours and 13 minutes
to reply Nay otherwise the Ayes have it.

Therefore, all those that consider that the following luminaries;

> Martin Barry
> Robin Whittle
> Ivan Trundle

Are capable without regard for political correctness or favour, in
carrying on the tradition that was established in the second millennium
AD should now shut-up.

All those with someone better to nominate, speak up and be heard, but be
warned, you are working a difficult audience consisting of [either]
academically, politically, socially and commercially failed curmudgeons,
[or self delusional genii (ok geniuses if you are American)].   

[and the voting is rigged anyway....]

P.S.: I did mean Pluravit assisted... At our age, ya gotta take those
vitamins otherwise you might just fall into a nana nap midway through
the vote.

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