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Better late (10 months) than never, i guess. 

"An interpretation of GPL is that it requires companies which distribute 
products based on that licence to make the source code for that software 
available to customers; for example, include a zip file of relevant files 
on a CD .."

The Telstra T-Hub GPL code ..


Software code for the T-Hub

The T-Hub product comprises software code developed by third parties, 
including software code subject to the GNU General Public License ("GPL") 
or GNU Lesser General Public License ("LGPL").

The terms of the GPL and LGPL, as well as the additional or/and modified 
open source packages (500MB) used by Sagemcom to build the T-Hub software 
can be mailed to you by expressing your interest. 

Please provide your full name and mailing address, and a CD will be sent 
to you within 5 business days. It is recommended that prior to requesting 
the package you should review the Readme.txt document.


  T-Hub open source delivery 

Copyright (C) 2006 - 2011 Sagemcom All rights reserved

This file describes the delivery of the open source distribution used on 
T-Hub product


This folder contains:

GNU_GPL_LGPL.pdf	PDF document including GPL/LGPL licensing information..

. (snip) ..

In order to compile the Sagemcom T-Hub distribution, you need to follow 
the steps below:

1. unzip Freescale original BSP under ltib directory: imx31_ads_20070511-

	unzip imx31_ads_20070511-rel4-ltib.zip

2. Inside folder imx31_ads_20070511-rel4-ltib, run ./install and follow 
the instructions. 

During this stage you will install on your PC, under /opt/freescale, the 
toolchain and PC tools to build the software. You will need the root 
rights to perform some of the tasks.

Please note that installation has NOT been tested on all PC 
distributions, you might encounter some problems during the installation. 

The installation has been tested successfully on Fedora core 4,5,6 and 

	cd imx31_ads_20070511-rel4-ltib

	<follow Freescale install tool instructions> ..



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