[LINK] Yet another reason why I dislike Facebook intensely

Birch, Jim Jim.Birch at dhhs.tas.gov.au
Tue Feb 22 10:51:33 AEDT 2011

Craig Sanders wrote:

> ...because almost everything you do on FB do is broadcast to
*everyone* on your "friends" list. join a group, everyone knows about
it. comment on someone's post, ditto. post something yourself, same
again.... maybe extrovert types don't mind that, or even like it ("look
at me! look at me!"), but i'm not one of them.

My teenage kids use Facebook constantly but my account is unused.  The
last thing I read posted to me was about a year ago: "You're really
getting this Facebook thing." :)

There's a bit of evolutionary biology in action here: being noticed is
vital for the young, so it's worth energy and taking risks.  When you've
established some credentials, you can become a little more circumspect
about who knows what and how you use your resources.  These are not
conscious choices, they are programmed biases that were selected because
they are evolutionarily adaptive. 

It has been argued by Darwin and others that one of the main functions
of the human mind is a sexual ornament*.    Outgoing communication
displays the mental goodies, just like a low cut dress displays the
anatomical.  Look around: If communication were all about gathering
valuable knowledge, there would be a lot more listening going on.

- Jim  

* Possibly *the* function that drove the evolution of the human brain.
As the enhanced brain became available, other uses followed like
engineering, commerce, modern warfare, etc.  Animals can successfully
hunt and care for their young with smaller, much lower wattage brains.


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