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Tue Feb 22 11:58:12 AEDT 2011

On Tue, 22 Feb 2011, Paul Bolger wrote:

>> Like all tools, it's up to you what you do with it.
> What I don't like about Facebook is the feeling that it's using me,
> rather than the other way around. In the Facebook universe the answer
> to just about every question seems to be that you need more Facebook.
> There was a rumour around that the reason for Facebook's existence is
> that the CIA realised that it is an awful lot easier to gather
> intelligence about people by getting them to contribute it themselves
> than it is to gather it manually.

I've had a brief fling with Facebook and before that, MySpace. 
But I found them intrusive and irritating to use and once I got 
to the site info I was looking for, was disappointed as it just seems 
to be cluttered and over engineered.

A lot of this is down to the taste of the owner of the site, of course,
but I found the email notes every few days asking me to visit again,
or some inane notification or another.

I am still on LinkedIn, but just can't be bothered signing up people 
or connecting to them.  Maybe I am just too anti-social for social networking?

I will confess to being an avid Twitter user, since I got the iPad. 
I have found that Twitter is absolutely perfect for people like me, 
who like to shout at the TV.   I am on QANDA (ABC) almost every week
and must be doing something right, since they post many of my tweets on 
the screen!

I have a handful of followers, who probably stick with me because I 
don't splatter the Internet with millions of inane tweets.

I have discovered the knack of tweeting is to be as snappy as possible, 
within the character limit and still be understandable.  It helps if the 
comments are also funny.   Certainly twitter can be inane, but I have 
found it useful in some respects, especially keeping up with trends 
in some IT areas I was following.

But in general, I do not want to go to a website and have to tweet about it,
or worse, every second item has a "like" button next to it.   Where is my 
opportunity to "dislike" or "feels amibivalent" button.

Anyway......   it's taken me decades to "master" email, so I am not 
giving it up in a hurry.   It's a more urbane and civilised way to 
have a discussion.   As for web forums, I am on several and moderated 
some.   As a platform for communication, it is OK, but I really hate 
web based text editors......


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