[LINK] Yet another reason why I dislike Facebook intensely

stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Tue Feb 22 12:45:49 AEDT 2011

Rachel writes,

>>> Like all tools, it's up to you what you do with it.
> I've had a brief fling with Facebook and before that, MySpace. 
> But I found them intrusive and irritating to use and once I got 
> to the site info I was looking for, was disappointed as it just seems 
> to be cluttered and over engineered.

Yes, agreed. 

Personally I've never had a Facebook, and never will (I don't need/want
any personal publicity) in spite of friends sending invitations to join.

But half a dozen times now I've found Facebook invaluable for contacting
people, that is, getting their email address. Sure they were all younger
people, and not we Linker old chums :) but, as a quick email-addy-lookup
for younger people, in my experience Facebook is almost instant and sure.

Simply Googled their names, and clicked on their Facebook url. Instantly
one finds their e-contact information. Good for them or not i don't know.

But, handy for anyone wanting to e-contact someone quick smart.

And a related matter, it reads as if some linkers don't like the idea of
a Facebook pointer-page to our ANU Link intro page. Whatever, I think it
is a good idea, that Robin(?) first suggested. Why not i ask myself, but
who minds?  A Wikipedia entry featuring Tony also sounds very good to me!


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