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Wed Feb 23 17:46:42 AEDT 2011

Everyone wrote:
>>>> Mr Quigley said the first release sites on the mainland had received on
>>>> average a 75 per cent rate of consent from premises to be connected to
>>>> the NBN.
>>>> The highest rate of consent was in Willunga, South Australia with 91 per
>>>> cent, but the inner-city Melbourne suburb of Brunswick had only received
>>>> 50 per cent consent.
>>> per cent of what? The article is mute on that. Has NBN said of what?
>> percent of homes in the notified area that had 'opted in' to have the NBN fibre and an
>> NBN optical node installed at their house when the installation crews are stringing
>> along their street.
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Is there any survey of the reasons why take up is substantially below 100%?
I assume there will be issues with tenants ("we're moving in a few
months, so won't bother chasing up a landlord to get an OK") and I can
conceive there would be some old age people who would reject somebody
trampling the hydrangeas to install a service they don't understand,
but 50% take up seems remarkably low.
If it turns out to be a product of the Liberals opposition campaign
("it's a white elephant, tell them no.") I will be interested to see
what happens next time they are in government, with at least a well
under way NBN deployment.
What on earth will they do?
Ripping out the fibre will be political suicide for users who come to
enjoy fibre grade service, and stopping the roll out will make them
deeply unpopular with the remaining people who were to get fibre.
Surely the NBN will have to become a bipartisan project at some future
level of deployment?
And when that happens, the people who said "no" now with Tony Abbott's
urging will be out on a limb and facing a expensive connection charge
down the line.
When I was last looking for rental properties I wouldn't consider
places without ADSL2 availability. I'm sure in 6y ears time there will
be many who look at NBN access the same way, and they might turn very
cranky with the Libs for queering the deal.
Michael Skeggs

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