[LINK] NBN and Batteries

Bernard Robertson-Dunn brd at iimetro.com.au
Wed Feb 23 21:39:41 AEDT 2011

This battery thing suggests to me that the original NBN solution didn't 
think it all the way through.

My view is that every solution creates new problems. In this case it 
looks to me as though they (a range of people, not just the NBN) are 
trying to modify the NBN to replicate the system being replaced, not 
look at is as a new problem.

The new problem is not "how do you keep the NBN up in times of power 
loss in an emergency?" but it should be "how do you provide emergency 
communications in times of power loss?" Just because the POTS could 
still be used when power was lost, doesn't mean that the NBN should 
provide the same solution.

And when you analyse the problem it becomes clear that power can be lost 
to a variety of systems (NBN, mobiles, TV, etc) and in a variety of 
circumstances (bushfire, storm, flood, earthquake, cyclone).

It would be nice to have a solution that covered the real problem, not 
just part of it.

But that would be a bit radical, especially when it comes to ICT.



Bernard Robertson-Dunn
Canberra Australia
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