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The point is that at some point fairly soon world trade will require some form of carbon trading.  We will either do it ourselves or have it imposed on us. 

On 2011/Feb/24, at 2:01 PM, stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:

> Does anybody know *exactly* HOW any new Carbon Tax would be spent?
> For example, our last 4 electricity bills, for a very similar usage:
> 17/07/2010  $394
> 17/09/2010  $496
> 15/11/2010  $524
> 17/01/2011  $602
> In other words, a large increase in costs already, without a new tax.

It's going up because no-one is game to build new coal power stations until they know what kind of carbon trading system will be in place.  Unfortunately our power usage is still going up as per usual.

> Another increase in electricity costs for us will not decrease usage.

It's going up because it costs more.

> So, aside from further discouraging electricity use, (which will not
> happen for us, we're already very electricity use conscious) exactly
> HOW would the Carbon Tax monies be spent? If it's just to discourage
> usage, then bugger-off. But, if it will somehow wean our electricity
> suppliers off from burning brown coal (unlikely?) then any tax is ok.
> As yet no-one has explained to me HOW this money would help our green
> housing planet. HOW would this extra $300 or so / year help Australia?

There's lot's of ways of implementing carbon trading.  Of course governments prefer ones that bring in govt revenue rather than ones which help reduce our carbon emissions. 

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