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Birch, Jim wrote:
> stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:
>> HOW would the Carbon Tax monies be spent? If it's just to discourage
> usage, then bugger-off.
> Sorry, isn't this the exact purpose of a carbon tax?  It's not a general
> purpose do-good plan but specifically aims to reduce CO2 production.
>>From an environmental point of view, the level of the tax should be what
> - ie whatever - is required to produce a carbon neutral world economy.
> In the meantime, a lot of electricity suppliers appear to have put up
> their prices - as if they were already paying carbon tax.  Not sure how
> they achieved that, but it seems to regularly follow electricity
> privatisation.

In NSW the price increase preceded privatisation but then we
were a bit Tardy.

> Energy Ratings and Use
> From 1 July 2010 a typical residential EnergyAustralia customer will pay a further $126 per annum ? or an extra $2.40 per week. From 1 July 2010 a typical Integral Energy residential customer will pay an extra $85 per annum or $1.60 per week; and a Country Energy residential customer will pay $183 more per annum or $3.50 per week. - IPART:Electricity Price Rises Change - April 2010
> ?About one third of NSW households are connected to gas and currently spend around $12 a week on average. This will increase to around $13.45 a week by 2013? he added. - IPART release final report on Gas Prices - June 2010...

> privatization / Tuesday, 18 January 2011
> Keneally?s electricity sell-off a ?short-term cash grab?
> by Matthew Knott
> Explosive testimony by Treasury officials at a parliamentary inquiry into the controversial sale of NSW state-owned electricity retailers has revealed that the original $5.3 billion promised by the Keneally Government was grossly over-estimated.

Performance standards to reduce energy emissions

Interestingly, the White Bay Power Station (sydney) was
originally constructed to power the tram system (second
largest in the world)...

My pet topic is that there is a lot of talk about efficiency
but not enough about total usage. Sometime ago, I did some
analysis of energy use by fridges and cars. see

Trees, gardens, verges and parklands are valuable carbon
sinks as well as providing other benefits - though they can
be expensive to maintain, particularly in the city. This
would be a good use of Carbon Tax - particularly on petrol.

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