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Nathaniel Armer nathanielandco at hotmail.co.uk
Thu Feb 24 20:27:28 AEDT 2011

Hi all,


I've never posted on a mailing list before, but I though I
might give a short response - hopefully this gets to the
original participants :)


As much as I hate to prove Ben right - I did happen
to Google my own name :)


My first question is how did I get involved here?  I assume this:




Was spam?  If so, I apologize for it.


But no, NBNexplained.org was not some giant conspiracy - it was simply
what it said it was - a expanded version of the WP wiki article.  Made
because the WP wiki had significant limitations.  Unfortunately it
failed because WP considered it a separate site, and
considered posts referencing it as spam. 


I am very happy that ">:->" (?) considered it slick and
professional - and would ask if he would be a reference :P.


I do note his comments that it was "pushy" - and note that it
was not our fault.  We had to write very proactively to counteract the
negative bombardment of the Liberals and 'The Australian'.  Ignoring
repeated requests, none of the 'anti-NBN' members would even consider helping
correct any glaring cases of bias, let alone publish useful information
themselves.  Regardless, I would have turned it down had the site
survived long enough.


I would note that his comment:


"Your only really care to fight that sort of criticism if you are

involved or on the
receiving end."


Is completely correct
- we were on the receiving end, but as Australian citizens, IT professionals
and Geeks - not as members of any company (at least to my knowledge) actually
involved in the rollout.


I do find this comment:

 “An employee perhaps? Would explain the anonymity..”Intriguing, since my email was already listed in the thread and the text relating to us being an offshoot of WP was already quoted.  And of course, he could have always used the sites messaging capabilities as well – or googled the usernames of some of our members. Not a particularly thorough job from that one member :) Ben however provided excellent analysis – and came very close to guessing my desire for ‘OTOY’ (and like) technologies:   “So I'm going to go out on a limb here and say he's an eager teenager whowants fibre and multiple streaming video links.” I think that is that needs to be said, Nathaniel Armer  		 	   		  

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