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> > Electricity transmission loss = 2KW per kilometre. So the largest 
> > usage of Coal generated electricity are by the transmission lines.
> Nonsense.
> The loss factor, while unacceptably high, is about 10% of electricity 
> generated, according to the Australian Energy Market 
> Operator, which has 
> to work out the losses as part of getting everybody paid.

So if my transmission loss numbers are nonsense, can you tell us who
uses more than 4.1% or [using your numbers] 10% of the electricity

In other words if 10% of our electricity generation from dirty coal is
wasted then isn't that an indictment on the system that pollutes so
freely without investigating alternatives like "Distributed power

> This is discussed in various documents - just Google 
> electricity transmission loss factors Australia
I don't need to Google it, I spent a year of my life researching six
years ago. But if you are correct, and I will concede that your Google
refs are probably there, then, the Transmission loss has certainly
increased dramatically since I last researched the topic... In about
June 2005.

IM on the Topic... Which I now place in the CC environment  Here -->

> ...for a host of documents.
> > How about, convert all Coal burning power plants to CNG Install 
> > distributed Capstone (or equiv) CNG powered Turbines in every 
> > suburb...
> ...That way, we can instead destroy practically all the 
> groundwater in 
> the country just to frack out enough CNG. Wonderful.

Fracking is not always about arterial basin pollution.
Quite a lot of Australia doesn't have Arterial basins, and even those
areas that do, much of the artesian water has been drained by unworhable
water management schemes.

Were you aware that all underground Coal mines are backfilled with water
both naturally and artificaially after they are no longer mined ?

Further, were you aware that in the Lithgow area alone, if we were to
pump all of the water out of the disused mine shafts, mines we could
recover sucficient CNG to run all of Mt Piper, Wallerewang [coal fired
power stations] continuously for a very long time ?
In other words we could cut the Carbon emissions for Australia by nearly
a third.

This has nothing to do with Fracking... (That's a QLD problem) this is
to do with the entrenched Coal mining interest lobbyist activities in
distributed power can be also be ruin by other means, for example, Bio
Gas generation from a variety of sources.

I could discuss sewerage SOX cleaning and the 350 gms of output per man
woman and child (equivalency to 25W of electricity generation per
day.... But out of respect for the morning hour, I won't... 

CNG can also be extracted from Coal at the pre heating stage and from
Australia has an abundance of Coal/oil shale.

Don't give me the Fracking argument, it doesn't hold up water [pun
intended] with all the other alternative recovery methods now available.

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