[LINK] Pits Copper NBN Fibre and Space.

Tom Koltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Fri Feb 25 14:12:46 AEDT 2011

There was discussion yesterday about lack of space in Telstra conduit
paths because of the copper.
Yet I find myself marvelling at the plethora of Foxtel coax cable that
appears to have been squeezed into the suburban conduits without
additional widening or digging required in most instances.

As Foxtels content can be delivered via the Fibre and the coax has no
other possible use. it would seem logical to remove the coax before
removing the copper.

After all an RG58 is much much thicker than a twisted pair RJ11.

I dare say that faced with the dilemma of making do or being forced to
remove the coax, suddenly Telstra will discover "room" for the fibre
after all...

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