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> Compensation will be counterproductive.
> Reducing emissions through providing energy from alternative 
> sources - solar, wind, gas Better designed buildings - 
> insulation, good ventilation and shade - reduce heating and 
> cooling requirements Expand <http://www.basix.nsw.gov.au>
> Subsidise Retrofit energy generation:
> Karl Auer wrote:
> > My last electricity bill was well over $200 in credit, thanks to 
> > 12x140W solar panels on my garage. Unsubsidised, too. Along 
> with solar 
> > hot water, we don't use that much leccy.
> Better design of transport - discourage private car use - 
> better land use (don't expand cities) Stuff along the lines of >
> Marghanita

Electricity transmission loss = 2KW per kilometre. So the largest usage
of Coal generated electricity are by the transmission lines.

How about, convert all Coal burning power plants to CNG
Install distributed Capstone (or equiv) CNG powered Turbines in every
Convert all Petrol utilisation vehicles to CNG and alter roadtax to
Vehicle Miles Travelled.

Like this home conversion...

Immediately, the Carbon footprint of Australia would be lowered by 71%.
The economy would be inflated by approximately 12% and nearly 420,000
jobs would be created.

I keep saying it's not about lowering the Carbon footprint, it's about
adding another form of currency that ultimately is just another indirect
Everything upto the point of decriminilising the import of stuff to
convert your car to CNG is hogwash.

Why you peeple no rissin ?
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