[LINK] The Australian Economy Runs on oil.

Tom Koltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Sat Feb 26 08:46:57 AEDT 2011

We are seeing the signs of revolt rear it's ugly head in Libya.
Without analysing whether or not, Gaddafi's use by date has expired.
The Libyan revolt comes hot on the tails of the uprisings in Tunisia,
Egypt and Yemen (with concerns over Saudi that may be mollified by: the
135 billion riyal financial aid package to alleviate the

Now Bahrain  appears to be locking down.

The people are watching CNN, MSNBC and Youtube and learning.

It would appear that the Internet is teaching the youth of oppressed
nations that they do not have to put up with "Bad".

This of course is extending to the not so oppressed countries where
democracy has for years allowed freedom of the press and almost open

Julian Assange has lifted the Government veil on heretofore sacrosanct
activity and will be found guilty for something for doing so.

However, whilst Governments look for the "Guilty" parties to blame, it
would appear to me, from purely a non academic viewpoint, that humans
are learning from each other on the Internet and whether the data we are
learning from is right or wrong, memes are developing.

Unfortunately, whether we think it is rigtht or wrong, each nail aimed
at the administration in any country is a nail in the coffin of global

It's all very well to have a revolution, and I am dead set against any
kind of oppressive regime. But what happens when the war is declared and
no-one has any food in their bellies to go and assist because all the
oil stopped flowing  and no food got to the shops.

And we all need to get ready for astronomical oil prices as the Middle
East destabilises the world economy by slowing down oil production.

The price of Brent crude [North Sea Oil is already flapping all over the
place went from $100 per barrel to $120 per barrel in trading

The last time oil went over $100 per barrel we had a GFC.

Now would be an etremely good time for the Australian Government to stop
exporting oil for parity, address the Taxation on petroleum [reduce it]
and keep a balanced price at the pump. [Americans have paid the same
prices at the pumps since 1982.] Some legislative interference mandating
a maximum of $1.35 at the pumps might possibly be in order until LPG can
be effected wholesale.

Fuel companies need to start removing Petrol bowsers and installing LPG

So whilst supporting the oppressed minorities in the middle east is a
worthwhile and charitable avtivity, I'm petrified of what will happen
right here in Oz unless we implement some very fast counter-inflationary
measures including possibly, petrol rationing, price fixing at the pums,
subsidised LPG conversion kits NOW.

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