[LINK] The Australian Economy Runs on oil.

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> In Current currency, US Gallon pricing has been constant at approx $2.82
> [2010 USD] per gallon since 1982.
> In other words, the 25 cents you paid per Gallon in 1982 today has the
> purchasing power parity (equivalency) of $2.82 in todays money.

And Australia is almost exactly the same.

According to the Australian Automobile Association, the price of Unleaded in
Sydney in December 1982 was 43 cents/litre.  [1]

According to the RBA, 43 cents in 1982 is equivalent to $1.29 in 2010
dollars. [2]

According to the Australian Institude of Petrolium, the price of Unleaded at
the end of December was around $1.28.[3]


[1] http://www.aaa.asn.au/documents/stats/70.xls
[2] http://www.rba.gov.au/calculator/annualDecimal.html
[3] http://www.aip.com.au/pricing/retail/ulp/index.htm

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