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Tom Worthington tom.worthington at tomw.net.au
Thu Mar 3 08:11:44 AEDT 2011

Samuel Fernandes, Green ICT Project Officer, will discuss "Project
planning: Using the Six Sigma Methodology" At the Australian National
University in Canberra, 11 am, 17 March 2011:

Sam is one of my former Green Information Technology Strategies 
students, now working on reducing the university's greenhouse gas 


Project planning: Using the Six Sigma methodology

     The ANU Project Management Community of Practice is a network for
anyone with an interest in managing projects as well as a desire to
share with and learn from others in the University with the same
interest. It is facilitated by the Planning & Project Support Office,
but ultimately directed by its members.

     The group gets together on the third Thursday of every month to
discuss project management knowledge, expertise and techniques, and
listen to presentations on different aspects of project management.

     The March meeting will have a presentation by ANUgreen Green ICT
Project Officer Samuel Fernandes who will discuss his project and the
tools and techniques used in planning the project.

     He will discuss:

     -what the Green ICT project is about
     -what strategies were used
     -the project management tools used
     -the benefits of the Six Sigma Approach
     -the involvement of the Projects Office. ...

See: <http://billboard.anu.edu.au/event_view.asp?id=74044>

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