[LINK] New Law for Citizen Owned Solar Power Stations in Canberra

Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Fri Mar 4 09:52:18 AEDT 2011

Richard Chirgwin wrote:
> The chief criminals of power waste are:
> - heating elements
> - flat panel TVs
> - inefficient refrigeration (eg, use a chest freezer rather than an upright)
> - water pumps (only relevant if you're using tank water)

So, how do LED TVs stack up?

Significant Contributers:
*Poor Insulation (just heard first hand how heavy blinds 
made a home cooler during hot days)
*Poor Shade/Lack of Vegetation
*Poor Aspect/Lack of natural Lighting

On the chest vs upright - I suspect size (as well as 
efficiency) has something to contribute.

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