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Fri Mar 4 10:16:23 AEDT 2011

On 4/03/11 9:52 AM, Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
> Richard Chirgwin wrote:
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>> The chief criminals of power waste are:
>> - heating elements
>> - flat panel TVs
>> - inefficient refrigeration (eg, use a chest freezer rather than an 
>> upright)
>> - water pumps (only relevant if you're using tank water)
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> So, how do LED TVs stack up?
Less stupidly wasteful than plasma, still hungrier than CRT. I find it a 
bit of a scam that Energy Star ratings seem entirely self-referential - 
that is, it's possible for an LCD TV to get five stars, when it still 
uses more power than a CRT of the same time. But that's just me, I 
suppose ...
> Significant Contributers:
> *Poor Insulation (just heard first hand how heavy blinds made a home 
> cooler during hot days)
> *Poor Shade/Lack of Vegetation
> *Poor Aspect/Lack of natural Lighting
Agreed to all. Eaves design makes a huge difference as well.
> On the chest vs upright - I suspect size (as well as efficiency) has 
> something to contribute.
In a chest freezer, the cold air stays put when you open it. In an 
upright, the cold air escapes. So a chest freezer of comparable size to 
an upright will use less electricity.

Efficiency is, after all, a function of all that goes on - including 
unnecessary waste of already-chilled air.


And a wonderful article I found on converting a chest freezer to a chest 


> Marghanita

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