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At 02:54 PM 3/03/2011, Michael Skeggs mike at bystander.net wrote:
>There are plenty of ways to occupy an evening without consuming
>Hollywood fare, and I suspect success in blocking torrents would be a
>boon for the talented independent film makers and animators that 'get
>it', especially now the infrstructure to get a movie from the internet
>to the lounge room is getting widely distributed.

This relates to a post I read this morning from a writer friend. She 
has observed a trend of backlash for ebooks because of the price 
fixing going on now (the so-called agency model) where ebooks are 
sometimes dearer than print. So instead of buying anything new (no 
more space for books, shelves full), she's doing other things and 
re-reading the books she already has. Evidently, this is not just 
anecdotal either. Another point she makes is the inability to share 
books, either easily or at all, with friends and children. She 
doesn't let her kids use her reader (a Kindle as it happens), so the 
kids aren't going to be exposed to an adult reading process as much. 
Long term impact?

Keep an eye out for the whole information shake-out in lots of 
spaces. I don't think we're there yet. And for certain the publishing 
industry doesn't have a clue, just like the film industry.


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