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On 04/03/2011, at 9:41 AM, Richard Chirgwin wrote:

> The chief criminals of power waste are:
> - heating elements
> - flat panel TVs
> - inefficient refrigeration (eg, use a chest freezer rather than an upright)
> - water pumps (only relevant if you're using tank water)

That's assuming that 'waste' is 'an inefficient use of power', in which case I'd actually push back further into the equation and suggest that waste is power consumed for convenience, but not for any real benefit: not to mention the inefficiency in using antiquated electrical systems that consume more power than contemporary systems - but it's horses for course, and similar to the old chestnut of finding the most efficient vehicle transport (such as keeping an old car vs buying a new, more efficient one - instead of considering using public transport, bicycles or feet).

The chief criminals of power in most average domestic environments are without a shadow of a doubt (pardon the pun), air-conditioning units. They are truly the godzillas of consumption for so little real benefit (IMHO).

Most solar panel pundits zealous about inputs and outputs will point the finger at AC.

But this seems to be moving away from Tom's original thread (waste of energy in transferring large files)...



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