[LINK] Kid Pr0n and NBN

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> [I guess it had to happen. Why am I not 
> surprised? If it's not the 'terror card' it's the 
> 'kiddie' card. What has happened to sanity in the world?]
I think someone mentioned a future link between the NBN and a
centralised filter.
I guess they had to start work on the PR aspects of that linksooner or

It must be sooner now...
> NBN may raise child porn risk: police
> Richard Willingham
> March 4, 2011
> A spokesman for Broadband Minister Stephen Conroy 
> said, ''NBN Co and the department are working 
> with the AFP and other national security and law 
> enforcement agencies to ensure any potential 
> criminal exploitation is minimised in the design and 
> operation of the NBN.''

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