[LINK] Kid Pr0n and NBN

rene rene.ln at libertus.net
Sat Mar 5 11:52:31 AEDT 2011

On Fri, 04 Mar 2011 13:58:47 +1100, Jan Whitaker wrote:

> NBN may raise child porn risk: police
> Richard Willingham
> March 4, 2011

Looks like the AFP probably did say what was reported in SMH/The Age 

The AFP said much the same in a submission last June to the Parliament 
Joint Select Committee on Cyber-Safety, quote:

"The AFP with other Australian Govenrment agencies is working to minimise 
the criminal exploitation of the NBN. The inherent risk of the NBN is that 
it could facilitate the continual growth and sophistication of online 
criminal syndicates’ ability to commit cyber offences against online 
systems due to the attractiveness of the increased speed. Increased 
bandwidth available via the NBN may result in increased bandwidth available 
for committing or facilitating computer offences. 
The NBN will likely create an environment in which relatively small Retail 
Service Providers (RSPs) operate offering a range of services including 
voice, data and media, internet TV, social networking, music, video 
messaging, games, text, email and internet browsing. Unless smaller 
RSP’s are required to comply with the same ‘licensing’ arrangements as 
other ‘carriage service providers’ as defined by the Telecommunications 
Interceptions Act 1979, it is likely that many RSPs will have limited 
capacity to assist law enforcement (due to limited size or technical 
The proliferation of a large number of RSPs has the potential to increase 
the difficulty law enforcement has to obtain telecommunications data.  
Australian government agencies are in consultation with NBN Co to 
address this particular issue."

I don't understand how they get the idea that small retail ISPs may not 
have to comply with existing legislated obligations on carriage service 
providers to provide assistance and information to law enforcement 
agencies. Unless my memory is failing me drastically, the definition of 
'carriage service provider' is not based on provider size or number of 
customers and I'm unaware of any exceptions for "small" CSPs. Is anyone?


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