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On 06/03/2011, at 11:02 AM, Ivan Trundle <ivan at itrundle.com> wrote:

> On 06/03/2011, at 10:07 AM, Scott Howard wrote:
>> And just to show that this isn't actually the case, someone has worked out
>> how to get the Atrix to function in "webtop" mode when connected to ANY HDMI
>> device.
> Sounds rather similar to the recently announced HDMI output dongle available for iPhones - combined with keyboard, it should be able to do much the same.
> I see a future where the computing device (for both creation and consumption) is a handheld/pocketable object, and connected (wirelessly or otherwise) to a huge range of peripherals to give it more specific utility, as and when needed.

I think you are right.  And the input method the user chooses to operate in the environment
will be their choice.   Haptic device, or augmented reality, a classic keyboard and mouse
option or a thumb pad.  And then you connect to any device you need, a TV, an information
terminal, game console, ATM or a sysadmin console....   The processing all done by
back end systems, all fibre connected, accessed via haptic interfaces you can take
anywhere, changing to suit the purpose, scaling as required for the task...


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