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What about no Link posts, for one hour on the 26th, to show support?


Earth Hour .. starts at 8:30PM on Saturday, 26th March 2011.


Welcome to Earth Hour Australia

On March 26th, hundreds of millions of global citizens, from one hundred 
different countries, will unite in the action of lights out. Will you be 
one of them?

Earth Hour is a call to action, to every individual, every business, and 
every community. It starts with a flick of the switch at 8:30pm Saturday 
March 26, in a collective display of commitment to protect the one thing 
that unites us all - the planet.

How to Guides:

Earth Hour 2011 is a global call to stand up, to show leadership, and, be 
responsible for our future. If you want to make Earth Hour happen in your 
home, workplace, school, or city, these guides give you lots of ideas how.

* For Individuals and Families

* For Businesses

* For Councils

* For Schools and Universities  

* For Community Groups

* Step-by-Step Guide for Event Organisers



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