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The timing of the process is interesting. We 
haven't had to go through the bust of prematurity.

Fiber networks regain black-gold footing

Zayo Group is riding a post-glut optic wave 
fueled by Net video and mobile-broadband needs.
By Andy Vuong
The Denver Post
Posted: 03/06/2011 01:00:00 AM MST

LOUISVILLE ­ Zayo Group co-founder and chief 
executive Dan Caruso compares his company's 
primary assets ­ fiber-optic networks that 
provide high-speed Internet connections ­ to oil reserves.

"There's only so many of them that are out 
there," Caruso said in a recent interview from 
the company's headquarters here. "If you don't 
own one, you're out of luck, you don't get to 
produce oil. ... Or in our case, we're developing fiber into bandwidth."

Demand for bandwidth, or Internet capacity, is 
booming at an opportune time for Zayo, which 
launched in 2007 with $220 million in venture 
capital and has rolled up more than a dozen 
geographically "orphaned" network operators.

This historical bit is later in the article.

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