[LINK] NSW Election Multilingual information is not accessible

Webb, KerryA KerryA.Webb at act.gov.au
Wed Mar 9 08:54:15 AEDT 2011

Marghanita wrote:
> Seems they have removed the link and
> accessibility statement from the ivote site.
> There was a link at the bottom of the ivote pages on
> 08/03/11 10:41
> <http://www.votensw.info/footer_navigation/accessibility_statement>
> now it redirects to
> <http://www.elections.nsw.gov.au/footer_navigation/accessibility_statement
> >
> Noting the purpose of the site - this gets worse and worse....
> >
> > Welcome to iVote Online Voting
> >
> > iVote is a Remote Electronic Voting System that enables eligible
> electors to vote using the telephone or the internet.
> > iVote eligibility
> >
> > You can vote before Polling Day using iVote if:
> >
> >     * your vision is so impaired, or you are otherwise so physically
> incapacitated or so illiterate, that you are unable to vote without
> assistance,
> >     * you are unable to vote without assistance or have difficulty
> voting at a polling place because you have a disability (within the
> meaning of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977),
> >     * your real place of living is not within 20 kilometres, by the
> nearest practicable route, of a polling place; or
> >     * you will not be in New South Wales throughout the hours of polling
> on polling day.

I think this illustrates how complicated Accessibility can be.

Is the ALT text for the benefit of English or Second Language speakers?

And if you have ALT text and a caption, you get the stutter effect from the AT.

And (as was pointed out earlier) then you have the problem of whether you use the classic version of the Second Language or a more demotic version.

Sure is comfortable in this armchair.


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