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Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Wed Mar 9 09:07:14 AEDT 2011

Webb, KerryA wrote:
> I think this illustrates how complicated Accessibility can be.
> Is the ALT text for the benefit of English or Second Language speakers?
> And if you have ALT text and a caption, you get the stutter effect from the AT.
> And (as was pointed out earlier) then you have the problem of whether you use the classic version of the Second Language or a more demotic version.

For the short time, I was on the HTML5, discussion list
accessibility and multilingual stuff was certainly the
central topic. Things get even more complicated or wonderful
opportunities open up as we move to using audio and video on
the web.

There are opportunites for tracks in multiple languages,
captions in multiple languages.

The non-roman script should not be images.

The Alt text is supposed to be a description of the image -
if there is text in the image, this is usually included in
the alt tag. So, the Alt text still fails...as it should be
the arabic. Ofcourse there may be aproblem with the font,
but this should not be the case.

Sydney City Council manages to achieve a few more languages
(they all display fine when I pasted them below!)
>     *
>       Community Languages
>           o Arabic
>           o Chinese
>           o Greek
>           o Indonesian
>           o Italian
>           o Japanese
>           o Korean
>           o Russian
>           o Spanish
>           o Vietnamese
>           o ??????
>           o ????
>           o ????????
>           o Bahasa Indonesia
>           o Italiano
>           o ???
>           o ???
>           o ???????
>           o Español
>           o Tie^'ng Vie^.t

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