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Wed Mar 9 14:30:52 AEDT 2011

On 09/03/2011, at 2:05 PM, Dr Bob Jansen wrote:

> why 'tragically and frighteningly'? Most users are not technies, they 
> just want a device to do the job they bought it for. They don't care how 
> it works, whether there is a better way but they do care if the way 
> chosen for them is not the cheapest. It has to be simple and easy - no 
> thinking required!
> What is so tragic or frightening about that?

Agreed: I spend a good deal of time having to walk into a board room that I've never used or seen before, set up a network of computers, plug in a server, data projector and speakers and run for the day: setup times are often under 30 minutes, and breakdown times at the finish have sometimes had to be 10 minutes (Monday of this week was a classic example: the room was to be used by another group at the finish of my session).

It's sad to see the difficulties that some people have in trying to setup for presentations etc, with wrong file formats, no sound, difficulty in finding the network, accessing material on CD/DVDs etc.

Give me the 'no thinking' option any day.


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