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"New cyber espionage unit revealed
Dylan Welch
March 10, 2011

ASIO has created a unit to combat cyber spying, 
in the latest move by government to protect Australia's online networks.

Known as the cyber espionage branch, it was 
formed in the past nine months and is believed to 
be under the control of ASIO's counter-espionage and interference division.

The unit's existence is expected to be announced 
by Attorney-General Robert McClelland in a speech 
tonight at Canberra's National Security College.
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''ASIO is 
 working to guard against foreign 
interference and espionage,'' Mr McClelland will 
say, according to a copy of the speech provided to this website.

''This co-operation is crucial, especially to 
countering the threat posed by those using the 
internet as a modern espionage tool.""


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