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If they're even half as effective as they were in 
foretelling 9/11, preventing the Bali attacks, 
finding all those WMD's in Iraq, tracking down 
those naughty boys from Al Quaeda and a host of 
other intelligence triumphs that they have been a 
part of in the last 20 years ... I look forward 
to big things from this unit.

I don't know about you ... but I'm really excited 
about supporting these geniuses with more funds 
and resources after their past triumphs.

(I still remember a time with the DSD when I 
tried to get an PGP based secure e-mail 
infrastructure going in my old work place ... and 
DSD put the kybosh on it with the brilliant 
objection that if they couldn't crack it, it 
didn't meet specifications. One has to bow to 
military and security reasoning like that ... 
it's 'level of awesomeness' makes the old heart 


At 8:12 AM +1100 10/3/11, Jan Whitaker wrote:
>"New cyber espionage unit revealed
>Dylan Welch
>March 10, 2011
>ASIO has created a unit to combat cyber spying,
>in the latest move by government to protect Australia's online networks.
>Known as the cyber espionage branch, it was
>formed in the past nine months and is believed to
>be under the control of ASIO's counter-espionage and interference division.
>The unit's existence is expected to be announced
>by Attorney-General Robert McClelland in a speech
>tonight at Canberra's National Security College.
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>''ASIO is 
 working to guard against foreign
>interference and espionage,'' Mr McClelland will
>say, according to a copy of the speech provided to this website.
>''This co-operation is crucial, especially to
>countering the threat posed by those using the
>internet as a modern espionage tool.""
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